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The Pilafian Web provides e-mail addresses and web pages for Pilafians and our relatives to help keep in contact with each other around the world and to maintain a central place to publish on the Internet.

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If you are a Pilafian and would like to be part of the Pilafian Web, please contact us.  We will, at no cost, setup automatic e-mail forwarding for you and put your personal or commercial web files (.html, .png, .jpg, .pdf, etc.) on the www.pilafian.com site.

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E-Mail Name*
Web Address
Alex Pilafian, USA alex
Aram Pilafian, Greece aram
Arous Pilafian, Greece arous
Arsen Pilafian, Canada arsen
Audrey Pilafian, USA audrey
Avedis Pilafian, Greece avedis
Christopher Pilafian, USA christopher www.pilafian.com/dance
Dem T. Pilafian, USA dem www.pilafian.com/dem
Grace Pilafian, USA grace
Harry Pilafian, USA harry
Marni Pilafian, USA marni
Michael Pilafian, USA michael
Peter Pilafian, USA peter www.pilafian.com/peter
Samuel Pilafian, USA samuel www.pilafian.com/tuba
Vassilis Pilafian, Greece vassilis
Center Key Software www.centerkey.com
Horizon Pictures hpix www.hpix.com
PERFECT (PHP Email Form) www.centerkey.com/php
Pilafian Web web www.pilafian.com
SiKaNrOnG.com www.sikanrong.com
Snap Backup www.snapbackup.org
* Append "@pilafian.com" to the e-mail name to create the full e-mail address.


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